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We are the Duo of Debauchery, Soulmates in Sin, Partners in Perversity--call us by any name you'd like, but what we are is a young-at-heart, sexy, experienced, crazy-in-love couple, lucky enough to find each other after failed first marriages, and experiencing a teenage resurgence of lust and lasciviousness so outlandish it would make the Marquis de Sade himself blush.

We live to experience every erotic adventure together while we still can and know that each one brings us even closer in our crazy, mad love. We are both voyeurs & exhibitionists, swingers, and bohemians, sex addicts and purely perverted! We are experienced lovers who are unashamed our sexuality. We embrace our naughty natures, celebrate our sexuality, shun chastity and thumb our noses at anyone in society who says that is "wrong!" How could something that is WRONG feel so perfectly RIGHT? Come on in...you know you wanna......