1. Does Aimee Jo Blowes escort alone, or only as a couple? Yes, I do provide escorting services alone; however I NEVER drive myself to an outcall. I am a female escort who must be constantly vigilant to stay safe, I always have a driver or security in the area who can get to me in an emergency. SOMEONE ALWAYS KNOWS WHERE I AM. IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM WITH ME HAVING A DRIVER, OR GIVING SECURITY YOUR ADDRESS, DO NOT BOTHER TO CALL. JUST AS YOU ARE CAUTIOUS TO PROTECT YOURSELF, I MUST BE TWICE AS MUCH AS A FEMALE ESCORT!
  2. Is Willy D bisexual? NO, he is 100% straight
  3. Do you take credit cards? No, unfortunately it is cash only, up front
  4. Will you make a video with me? The only way we will consider making a video of your scene is if Willy D and I are BOTH in the scene and we film with our own equipment
  5. Do you need a photographer? NO THANK YOU, we do fine!